“We’re about people, and the families they love enough to plan for the future. Whatever that may hold.”

Why Choose CalChoice Financial As Your Financial Consultant?

We provide modern solutions and financial services, and we’re always seeking out the most cutting-edge and effective approach. Every investment firm and financial consultant has principles and a mission statement, and they usually sound exactly the same. We believe CalChoice Financial is different in almost every way.

We understand that being different isn’t always better. But being better is very different when it comes to choosing a financial consultant. Our principles were deliberately created with you in mind. We don’t just talk about personal service to our clients, we deliver it.

We don’t have a proprietary product or shareholders that direct the investment strategies we provide for our clients. Instead, we are independent by choice, with access to hundreds of options from dozens of companies. Being an independent financial consultant allows us to offer custom-tailored, unbiased solutions to our clients. And at CalChoice Financial we utilize relevant and modern solutions to create personalized plans for our clients which are as unique as they are.

We start with your goals.

Whatever your personal and family goals are, at CalChoice Financial, we will be with you all the way.

A qualified CalChoice financial consultant will be pleased to meet with you and discuss your hopes and dreams, and work with you to help them to become a reality. Through spending time together we can get to know you, while you get to know us.

By understanding our background, experience and approach, we hope to put any fears or concerns you may have to rest. And by working with you to create a customized plan to meet your specific needs within your budget, we will endeavor to become an important part of your life–a true partner helping you to rest easy knowing that you and your family are covered.

Our goal at CalChoice Financial is to lead you on a path that leads directly to your security and financial well-being. Call us at 866.936.4884.