"The best investment on earth is earth." – Luis Glickman

Real Estate Investing is a Long-Term, Proven Strategy

With CalChoice Financial, you can do what the rich do. Investing in real estate provides a long-term investment through a tangible asset, and CalChoice Financial offers real estate investing as one of their most powerful financial strategies. Real estate investing allows actual portfolio diversification because the type of real estate investing we provide is not tied to the stock market.

Real estate has long been a successful strategy for the rich and financially savvy middle class, and it can work for you for less upfront investment costs than you may think. Whether it’s land banking in the path of growth and development or investing in real estate rental properties, real estate investing can be a sound choice if you work with CalChoice Financial. The basics of what we call “land banking” are this: 1) Buy land before it’s developed, in the path of growth projections. 2) Hold it for 7+ years, and 3) Sell it for more than you bought it for. With rental properties, it’s a matter of choosing properties with desirable characteristics to renters, starting with location.
CalChoice Financial is always trying to provide results that our clients can rely on, and we are constantly doing our research and homework so that you don’t have to. Whether it’s real estate investing, opening a Private Reserve Account or obtaining one of the latest life insurance products or annuities designed to to pay for college or fund your retirement, CalChoice Financial will be with you all the way.


  • Create wealth through tangible assets
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Consistent double-digit growth
  • Create peace of mind for retirement
  • Fund through qualified 401ks, Roth IRAs, and other investments
  • Real Estate Doesn’t Go Up and Down with the Stock Market

Knowing Your Real Estate


Invest in Future Development

Land Banking is an investment strategy where you buy pre-developed
plots of land that will eventually be needed for development in
high-growth areas. Major companies and investors have used this
method for decades, but you can get started with just $40,000 in cash
or existing investments.


Let Someone Else Pay Your Mortgage

Another effective way of investing in property is to buy with the
intention of renting the property out. When you invest in income
properties, you can profit on rising property values in growing
communities, and use rent payments to pay for the mortgage.


Use More Than Just Cash

Many people assume that just because they don’t have cash on hand
that they’re not capable of investing in real estate. Not only can you
invest in real estate without cash, but you can tap your IRAs, retirement
assets, and more to fund real estate investments.