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Why CalChoice Financial?

CalChoice Financial: The Financial Advisor Who’s With You All The Way

Planning for your financial future is more than just a one-time event. As your financial advisor, CalChoice Financial is there alongside you and your family for all the twists and turns that life brings through the years. With CalChoice Financial as a partner by your side, you’ll have a financial advisor who can help you stay on course to achieving your financial goals, even as they evolve and change.

CalChoice Financial

We Create Plans Meant For You

Everyone’s financial motivations and aspirations are different, and their path needs to reflect their specific goals.  Whether you want to buy a home, save for retirement, or fund your children’s education, you deserve to have a partner whose goal is to continually put you first.

Financial Planning

Custom Plans to Help Achieve Your Goals

CalChoice Financial starts the financial planning process by listening. Whether you want to buy a home, save for retirement, or fund your children’s education, we know you have unique goals. Your dreams and your vision drive the design of your financial plan. Everything is centered on your financial objectives.

Retirement Planning

Income is Key

When it comes to retirement planning, we address the importance of income you can count on. We also address market risk, healthcare costs, the potential need for long-term care as well as leaving your desired legacy for your loved ones. A retirement plan spells out how you will live in retirement.

Private Reserve Account (PRA)

Not Just For the 1%

We offer an exclusive alternative to banking which can return 500%+ more than current bank interest rates. A PRA can serve multiple purposes, such as tax-free income in retirement, protection if you were to get ill, tax-free death benefit to heirs, college savings and/or mortgage or auto loan acceleration.

Don’t Leave Money Behind!

Do a 401k Rollover

If you still have money languishing in a former employer’s 401k or other qualified plan, we can help you analyze and research the hundreds of options which might better help you reach your unique financial goals. Take control of your finances, and put your own money to work for you using a 401k rollover.

Real Estate Investing

Do What the Rich Do

Major companies and investors have been building wealth using real estate investing for decades. The basics of what we call “land banking” are 1) Buying land before it’s needed for development, based on growth projections. 2) Holding it for about 7-10 years, and 3) Selling it for more than you bought it for.

Wealth Management

Tactical Asset Management

As an investment advisor focusing on retirement, we believe it’s better to be conservative about investing, even if you have a high risk tolerance. Our tactical approach to wealth management allows us to help you take advantage of the market and potentially earn money in either up or down markets.

Start Planning for College Now

It’s Never Too Early to Start

Whether you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews headed to college when they turn 18, it’s always best to put anticipated higher education expenses into your financial plan–the sooner/younger the better.